Development of Method and Apparatus


Informational exchange is able to spread with ultra-fast speeds and is characterized by ultra-low energy value. The world we exist in can be considered as a superposition of two words (spaces), described as:

1) Material interaction space (MIS) which is characterized by finite energy of interaction and maximal speed of interaction, which is speed of light; 

2) Informational interaction space (IIS), which is characterized by infinitely low level of energy of interaction which is ΔЕ → 0 and ultra-fast speed of interaction.   

Seemingly, the MIS is located within IIS. The volume of MIS is infinitely low compared to the volume of IIS.

The matter is distributed unequally between these spaces. MIS is characterized by heterogeneous density of matter. In contrast, IIS is very homogeneous, therefore the energy loss is either infinitely low or doesn’t take place at all. It is also applicable to the border of these two spaces (energy gaps) through which these two worlds interact with one another. This interaction is performed through informational streams. This informational exchange is characterized by infinitely low energy. How do MIS and IIS interact with each other? Through ultra-low energy gap. Such gaps exist in MIS in both organic and inorganic structures. We guess the energy-informational interface of such interactions is within ultra-long wave range. For instance, extremely long radio wave range is used to communicate with submarines located at any depth and at any long distance from the transmitter. This is based on the so-called “superconductivity” of waves in super-long wave range.

There are many examples of informational interactions between MIS and IIS. Here are some of them:

  1. There is an energetic event on the Sun (such as a geomagnetic storm or other type of solar wind activity). People begin to feel the effect of the event immediately while solar wind particles get to the Earth just two - three days later.
  2. There are many examples of how domestic animals “feel” their owners over a very long distance. For example, a pet dog knows/feels the moment when its owner leaves their work place and travels back home. It happens regardless if he or she stays really late at work or leaves on time or an hour later. Once the owner has decided to go home, the dog might start to bark and jump on the door.
  3. There is a very common situation: two people are far away from each other. Person A begins thinking about Person B and finally calls Person B while Person B tells them that they were also thinking about Person A and wanted to call them.

OFFER: Based on our R&D works, we can say it is realistic to actualize the project “Developing a method and apparatus for detecting information field interaction - informational communication of living beings”.

We have developed materials for the possible physical detection of this interaction. We have determined energy gaps that vary depending of chemical composition and structure. Moreover, these gaps are technologically manageable. It’s possible to change the value from 2 to 0 eV (electron volt) or even invert its sign.

OBJECTIVE: To develop technologies of materials with infinitely low energy quantum conversion gaps of various values in order to use them to detect MIS and IIS and to translate received information through user interface.
We are looking for motivated individuals, organizations and potential investors to join our project.   

FIRST RESULTS: Within 1 year.